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·         BS Security Risk Manamement from Penn State University
     Sociology Minor from Penn State University
    Certificate of NSTISSI-4011 for Information Security Professionals by CNSS and NSA
    20+ years of computer related consulting and project management experience along with owning and operating a business

·         Extensive programming and design experience with an understanding of the world wide topology and ramifications of the present trend of convergence with all media

·         Knowledgeable with advanced networking and databases from a design and usability standpoint

·         Experienced with artificial neural networks using both learning and feature based systems

·         Middle Eastern Studies and World History and Economics with a special emphasis on Counter Terrorism and Computer Crime



      Operating and Network Systems:

DOS, Windows , Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Millennium, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux (Red Hat, Cobalt (Sun), Ubunto, Windows Server 2012



Most RDBMS including: NoSQL, Oracle, mySQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2008


      Software & Programming Languages:

Microsoft Office, C, Visual Basic, Java, perl, PHP, html (Various Levels) XML, RSS generation, MiniTab Statistical Software


      Security and Forensic Systems:

Encase, FTK, Wireshark, COFEE, The Slueth Kit, DECAF, Snort


      Other Skills:

 Familiar with R Stats Software, MAC OS (X) and App Development Software (Apple, Android, Windows), various IDS & IDPS systems.


      Physical Security:

Several years experience with fire detection systems along with perimeter security and access control. I also have experience with interior sensors, ultrasound, infrared, microwave, and pressure sensors, experience using various biometric sensors and various types of cards for access control including combination systems. 


      Special Skills:

Designing special purpose software with the ability to communicate management and user needs to programming team. I am an expert at working with programming staff to design user interfaces that are intuitive to the end user and not just to the programmers.


Ability to easily pickup new programming languages and software along with the beta testing of software






Hughes Aerospace

Systems Integrator

·         Consulted on the commercialization of their pattern recognition product to bring it from a military product to the commercial markets

·         Coordinated proposals and projects that included partners such as Hughes Aerospace, Penn State University and North American Communications

·         Testified at a Surface Transportation Sub Committee hearing in Washington, DC concerning pattern recognition software used to identify license plates for a pilot project to collect bridge tolls


Comcom Engineering

Systems Integrator

·         Designed integrated workflow systems using features based on an Intelligent Character Recognition product used to read normal handwriting from forms


American Express, Prudential Insurance, Sears Corp., Intel Corp., Columbia House, BMG Music, Citibank, Revlon

Sales Consultant

·         Interacted with American Express marketing department to utilize the internet to reduce credit card acquisition costs

·         Coordinated meetings with board of directors with Prudential Insurance to transition from paper based records to digital records including Intelligent Character Recognition with workflow to decrease data entry and processing costs

·         Consulted with Sears Corp., Columbia House, BMG Music, Revlon, and Citibank about transitioning from their existing brick and mortar business to an ecommerce environment


Westinghouse Nuclear, Bettis Atomic Labs, and Department of Energy

Project Manager/Systems Integrator

·          Facilitated systems integration of contract management system


Atlantic Financial

Project Manager/Systems Integrator

·         Designed and installed nationwide automobile consumer financing and dealer wide area network and custom software for the company in their New York based operation


US Department of Justice


Participated in various meetings concerning the use of optical/digital media and its effects on evidentiary procedure.



Joe’s Home on WWW, Inc., Altoona, PA

President and CTO                                                                    1988 – 2008

·         Founded one of the first third party online credit card billing service and operations that generated one million dollars in sales during the first year of operation

·         Acted as CEO and CTO including systems admin for Linux based servers to host WWW sites and process Secure Credit Card Transactions.

·         Coordinated PPC advertising content development

·         Facilitated search engine optimization and results manipulation


JT NETS Inc., Sterling, VA

Chairman of the Board and CTO                                                1998 – 2005

·         Designed and managed internet billing company and expansion.

·         System Admin of Linux based servers/routers/ CSU-DSU and switch units.

·         Managed both in-house and outsourced programmers.

·         Coordinated multiple Online Dating Site operations and software development

·         Utilized dynamic page generation to independently brand each site and also for affiliates sales tracking



·         Personality and Intelligence attributes as they effect recruitment and job performance

·         Citation Analysis of Articles related to “Cyber Warrior” attributes

·         Computer human interface as it relates to intuitive use and user satisfaction

·         Artificial Intelligence with a special emphasis on hierarchical temporal memory

·         AI based pattern recognition with an emphasis on predicting events using multiple unknown patterns

·         Tracking Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism with a “Follow the Money” methodology

·         Workflow systems designed around the concept on anomalous data.   



The Pennsylvania State University

Bachelor of Science, Security Risk Analysis, May 2014

Information and Cyber Security Concentration

Sociology Minor


Coursera Courses

Royal Holloway, University of London - Information Security Group

June 17, 2013 – July 29, 2013

Malicious Software and its Underground Economy - Two Sides to Every Story


The Pennsylvania State University – Special Classes and Certifications

·         Cyber Security Certificate of NSTISSI-4011 for Information Security Professionals by CNSS and NSA

·         CI 200 Peer Tutoring

·         “At Risk” Course Certification

·         Penn State University IRB Certified

·         PSU Mandated Reporter Training Certificate

·         Current Background Check Passed



SRA Club

Penn State Altoona


Science and Technology First Responders Community

Homeland Security Digital Library

Department of Homeland Security